Private Homes

Solutions for Private Homes

Home is where the helpful technology is. We can provide durable curved or straight stair-lifts and quality, customizable lifts/cabin models that match your style and your comfort.


Cibes A5000

Platform Lift

Product Information
The Cibes A5000 has been designed to provide an inexpensive solution for easy access in the majority of environments; private, public and commercial. The platform lift Cibes A5000 represents the best solution for increased accessibility in existing buildings.
Key Benefits

  • Installation in TWO to THREE DAYS
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can load up to 500 kg (6 people)
  • Complies with European security and quality standards
  • Automatic door opener as option


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Cibes A4000

Platform Lift

Product Information
The Cibes A4000 is a space-saving and elegant residential lift that will add comfort and beauty to any home. The passenger platform is 70% of the footprint. A great use of your space! Ready-made lift concept speeds up the installation and minimizes the impact on your home.

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable and easy to use with a touch of a button
  • Compact design for narrow spaces
  • Can load up to 300kg / 3 persons
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • Flexible installation solutions


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Cibes Air®

Home Lift

Product Information
The Cibes Air home lift has an exquisitely elegant design, offering you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses. The great choice of colours and materials makes it easy to tailor the design of the Cibes Air home lift to your taste and unique sense of style.

Key Benefits

  • Available in 11 platform sizes
  • Reduced work & building costs
  • Minimal interruption of your daily life
  • Rated load 300kg to 500kg (3 to 6 people)
  • No pit or machine room required


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Savaria® Stairfriend Stairlift

Designs For Curved Staircases

Product Information
The Savaria Stairfriend can give you the freedom to stay in your home and enjoy it without the worry of navigating stairs. Ride in comfort around curves, landings or changes in direction easily.
Key Benefits

  • Durable, easy to use
  • Battery operated with built in charging stations
  • Hide away options available
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Capable of holding 350lbs/160 kg


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Savaria® K2 Stairlift

Designs for Straight Staircases

Product Information
Live free, without barriers as the Savaria K2 Stairlift takes you smoothly and quietly up a straight flight of stairs in comfort.
Key Benefits

  • Ultra slim folded size (10 ¾)
  • Battery operated with a built in charging station
  • Obstacle sensors and retractable seatbelt with anti-slip footrest
  • Fast installation so you get moving in no time
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Capable of holding 350 lbs
  • Swivel and lock systems


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